Thursday, November 17, 2011

Electric.........Ex Vatican Strad

 When you come into Gradoux-Matt Rare Violins its almost like stepping into a world of the past. There are rare  pictures  on the wall of violinist from the beginning of the 20th century, old sketches of violinist such as Nicolo Paganini. As you walk farther back see our beautiful hall with its elegant chandeliers; it is impossible not to feel the warm and cozy atmosphere. Guests of our shop have said when they come here it reminds them of old New York before all the corporations took over. Emmanuel has decided to share a little piece of beauty and elegance that you experience when you come into our shop. There is a painting hanging on our walls of the Ex Vatican Strad, it is originally the art and design for the CD cover with  for  Philip Glass, composer - Wendy Sutter, cellist, recorded album "Songs and Poems I, II and III" for solo cello, by Herika Harrsch. We have made a set of 3 postcards perfect for all occasions. We are selling them in our shop and on

Other Gostrings news we are now selling guitar string along with some guitar accessories , electric violins and other products that are perfect for musicians that need to get LOUD. We will soon be selling electric cellos and Yamaha products.  

A set of 3 postcards:  The size is 5"x 5". The picture side is glossy and the back is matt.

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